Back to the ROC I

The trip to Rochester was quite an operation, so I’ll break it up into two posts. There were many photos taken. There was a visit to the Jazz Fest, where they play very modern jazz, accompanied by much people-watching and some discussion of racial issues around the Jazz Fest and white people appropriating jazz and things. New York is actually a very segregated state, and you can really see it in Rochester. I also took a photo of a view between some buildings, (more…)

Congratulations Chelsey!

The past two weeks have been pretty chaotic. After getting back from my weekend in Rochester, the job at hand was getting my head back in Blacksburg, and finishing up preparations to drive to Baltimore for the weekend for the wedding of my college friend Chelsey to her best friend Anna. I was looking forward to visiting some friends for lunch in DC and possibly also in Baltimore, but those plans were curtailed when I got up to Manassas and my car’s engine light came on. :( (more…)

Back to Rochester

I returned to Rochester for two days (“I’ll be here two days… / Then I will be gone…”) for a reunion with good friends, a visit with the photo group, yarn adventures with Marissa, a sugar maple festival, a church service, and two showings of FirstLight Players‘ Death Takes A Holiday. It was a whirlwind trip but very excellent and much needed now that I’ve been away for two months.

I did get in in time for dinner and the Friday night opening of (more…)

Peggy’s Wedding I

Labor Day weekend saw me in Chicago for my childhood friend Peggy’s wedding. I took some photos but was too busy enjoying the wedding to be particularly purposeful about it. Friday night we went to Giordano’s for pizza with her extended family and a few friends. The pizza was good and so was the opportunity to get to know most of the faces that I’d be seeing the rest of the weekend. (more…)

Rose’s Wedding in NYC

I went down to NYC for my high school friend Rose’s wedding July 13th. It was a good time meeting the groom’s friends and reconnecting with my girlfriends from high school that I hadn’t seen in a long time. After a meet & greet at the groom’s family’s house, a bunch of us went to a huge meaty dinner and then a late showing of Pacific Rim. It felt a little bit like a diluted bachelor party… (more…)

Independence Day Wknd III

After visiting Walden Pond, Piyush and I ventured into the city and got a mid-morning breakfast from a fancy little coffee shop, eating at the Boston Public Gardens under the watchful eyes of several squirrels. After spending as long as we could manage there, we sought AC in a sushi shop and then trekked across downtown to King’s Chapel. (more…)

Independence Day Wknd II

Moar Boston photos! Saturday, I was a good UU and made my pilgrimage to Walden Pond first thing in the morning, followed by a visit to King’s Chapel, the first American congregation to officially accept Unitarianism. The weather was again horrifically hot – almost 100º in the city, so again we headed home midafternoon to hide in Piyush’s air conditioned apartment. Photos starting with Walden Pond… (more…)

Independence Day Wknd I

I took a trip to Boston for the long weekend of the 4th to visit my friend Piyush. It was blazingly hot and humid so I didn’t get to see as much of the city as I’d hoped, but we had a nice time hanging out, especially our visit to the beach Friday morning. I ended up with weird sunburns, but I also ended up with some shells and my swimsuit got its first taste of the sea! (more…)