New UUA Brand

You may recall that I wrote a list of reactions to a wide variety of Unitarian Universalist logos from a design perspective. Not long after, the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations released its new logo, in partnership with the Boston branding agency Proverb, and people started asking me what I thought of the new UUA logo. I feel this is dangerous territory for designers to get into – (more…)

Hand Lettering

As you may know if you’ve ever heard me critique type choices on signs around town or complain about the design of menus in restaurants, I have a penchant for good typography. Seeing my dad’s calligraphy on Christmas cards inspired me to try that as a kid, although I never had the patience to get good – it’s always been hard for me to practice because you go through so much paper (more…)

AA Rebranded

I see that American Airlines has rebranded themselves after 45 years, as covered on Brand New, and I want to take a moment to talk about my impressions of it. See the Brand New article to see some of the collateral materials I mention below. A second opinion of the rebrand was posted while I wrote this post, and that one gets at the same impression I have, perhaps in better language. (more…)

Project Visuals

Here at RIT we’re closing in on the end of the quarter, and therefore projects are gradually coming together. Saturday night I spent with Diana at her friends’ Halloween party, which was interesting – more of a normal college party than I usually see, though Trivial Pursuit probably does not make a usual college party game. Sadly I (more…)

Typography! woo!

I’m crazy about typography. I wish I could get more practice with it, but I have yet to learn how to embed fonts in my website coding, and anyway my class projects are usually on too short a timeline for me to really work the type. I guess that’s something I’ve got to work on this year! I’m always psyched when I run across beautiful (more…)