Digital Imaging Projects

Freshman year of college I took the intro to digital photography class my major required. I got the impression from the teacher that I was way ahead of the rest of the class, since I already knew what aperture and shutter speed were when I started… I had some extra time so I thought I’d repost a couple of those sequences, since (more…)

Disciplines of Design

My environment growing up was not particularly conducive to studying art (lots of engineers and scientists, very few artsy people) no matter how many art classes I was enrolled in (I didn’t really like children’s art classes anyway), and I had to find a lot of the information out myself. (Oh, college, you require a portfolio with drawings? :< Let me make some at the last minute. ) At one point (more…)

College Questions

When I was looking at universities during high school, I was encouraged by pretty much everybody to “ask lots of questions! grab students on the campus and find out what they really think!” I always wished that I knew what kind of questions to ask (ignore the nervousness involved in harassing random college students (more…)

End of Classes

I finished all my classes!
Yesterday I had my German final exam and then my senior project presentation. There’s still some final wrap-ups to projects for tonight and next week, but I am so done with college! yeah! I’m also finally not feeling sick (more…)


Now that ImagineRIT is over, I have time again to update my blog about these sorts of things. I spent most of Friday rendering nice designs for the kiosk (we had to cut down the graphics for the live version, and the projectors mutilated the video quality) and working on info posters for the room. We pulled an all-nighter Friday (more…)