Final Quarter Update

We’re now into week 3 of 11 here at RIT, with less than 60 days to go. All my classes are surprisingly good (I’m not really a theater person, and well, writing seminar? I think I got that info my first year of high school). Mostly they’re good because of teachers. I get a daily dose of German language/culture, between Adv. German III (more…)

Dreaming Miles Away

I’m in my final three months at RIT. I’m prepping for German Theater and Advanced German III next quarter in addition to the second halves of Experimental New Media and Senior Team Project. In a week I will be trying to test out of Writing Seminar – I would hope I can pass the test, since my music teacher says he (more…)

Deaf Academic Research

For the past half year I’ve been working with Ron Kelly at RIT/NTID on a research project about deaf/hard-of-hearing students’ low academics. It takes something like five years (on average) for one of our deaf students to graduate from the NTID two-year associate degree programs, and we lose about half our students by the time four years have gone by. (more…)

Rolling Along

Winter quarter has been going better than Fall quarter, although it’s still stressful and I’m still having some trouble focusing. I’m trying to remember to eat enough, and I’m trying to stay more positive – some days it even works! Winter break really helped, I’m feeling a lot more rested and happy now. The freelance project from the (more…)

Winter Classes

Career Skills started the week off at 8am on Monday, but was tolerable as Therese was perky and encouraging as usual. She’s going to be having us work on our portfolios, resumes, and the rest of the materials we’ll need for marketing ourselves in the spring. She started off by having us write up a description of things we (more…)

Final Fall Quarter

So, uh… been a while. I’m through my last fall quarter at RIT! In the past …let’s see… three weeks… what has happened? I watched BSG’s “The Plan,” and later suffered a bad case of burnout shortly before final projects were due, which made getting my projects wrapped up exciting. Luckily things pretty much worked out and I (more…)