Sunset Behind Storm

There were some pretty spectacular clouds here as I was driving home from the knitting circle I’ve discovered at the local yarn shop. I even stopped in a parking lot to snap a few photos on my phone before scurrying home! Obviously that last photo is the one I took on my real camera. You can see how I’m getting inspiration for those paintings! (more…)

Impressionist Skies

I’ve found a real interest in acrylics since I got inspired at this past year’s Park Ave fest in Rochester. Since I found out about mediums and mixers for professional acrylics, I’ve been doodling around with them occasionally. Lately I’ve been trying to do more, get better in a slightly more concerted fashion, trying to deal with the transition here. (more…)

Weather Poetry

I’ve been finding that my pseudo-daily walks up the driveway and back at work have been a good time to ponder the weather, and decided to try to be a bit more concerted than usual in choosing poetry topics: a set of weather poems. I feel like “weather” may be a bit trite, but I was inspired and decided to try my hand at it all (more…)

Independence Day Wknd I

I took a trip to Boston for the long weekend of the 4th to visit my friend Piyush. It was blazingly hot and humid so I didn’t get to see as much of the city as I’d hoped, but we had a nice time hanging out, especially our visit to the beach Friday morning. I ended up with weird sunburns, but I also ended up with some shells and my swimsuit got its first taste of the sea! (more…)

Letchworth for Independence Day

I took the afternoon off from work to start my July 4th weekend early, and went hiking at Letchworth park. This time, unlike last time, I was a bit more careful about setting my camera correctly. Still ended up with ugly color casts to the images, but I think I’ll have to fix ’em later… :( (more…)

A Modest Mound of Bones

Some time ago, I was doing some exploring when I found basically an entire deer skeleton near the top of a hill, picked completely clean and gradually being overgrown with grass. I like this excerpt from John Updike’s poem, “A Modest Mound of Bones,” and I think it was especially descriptive of them after I went back last week first thing in the morning with my camera. (more…)

Market in the Morning

Saturday was absolutely lovely. When I went out in the afternoon, it was warm and sunny, and all of the bushes along the path behind my apartment were a-twitter with all the little critters preparing for spring’s arrival. Every birdcall from the branches above me seemed to belong to a different bird. I had a nice long walk down the path singing – singing! – which I generally don’t do if I think there’s a chance other people will hear me. It was just that kind of a day. (more…)

High Falls

I went out on Sunday and got some pictures at High Falls in the middle of Rochester. I’m told that this was where flour was milled back when the nickname of the city was the “flour,” not “flower,” city, and it was cool to see the old remnants of that from the bridge over the Genesee. (more…)

Pre-Spring Highland Park

“Between melting and freezing
The soul’s sap quivers.”
– T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding”

The weather on Sunday was so beautiful that when I finally went out to the park with my camera and new tripod, I left my coat in the car. Spring hasn’t really hit, although as you can see from my pictures, snowdrops have risen. Everything was very squishy and wet, (more…)